Hundreds Of Americans After Salmonella Outbreak

Hundreds of people across eighteen U.S. states have suffered salmonella contamination . According to

the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the outbreak can be traced to food with raw chicken .

So far 278 people have already become ill . Most of them located in the western state of California, but

also in seventeen other states have cases. According to the American USDA Food Safety Authority will

be more sick arise , since the outbreak could not be contained .

The USDA quickly managed to identify. Caused the outbreak It would be products where raw chicken

processed. These chickens are from three farms of Foster Farms in California. The company from

Livingston has announced to cooperate with the authorities to fight the disease. Together

Laboratory research has shown that it is the variant Salmonella Heidelberg. The infection can occur

when meat is not cooked before consumption. Sufficient Within 72 hours after infection are diarrhea,

abdominal cramps and fever the most common symptoms In addition, also headache, vomiting and


Doctor fails at life care’

Palliative care for patients, who are dying, falls short. This enables the Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Netherlands (IKNL).

Palliative sedation is the consciousness of patients reduced to. Dying bearable Dutch doctors are

increasingly used this plea, it happens every year at 12.5 percent of deaths, some 17 thousand times,

reports De Vikrant today.

Yet the knowledge and experience of doctors and nurses to apply palliative sedation is often

inadequate, says the knowledge institute.

Doctors often begin in the knowledge institute early treatment. This may be useful if someone has to

live up to two weeks. Sedation is also used as “disguised euthanasia, doctors feel put under pressure by

families and people at home too much left alone.